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Bell-Kenz Pharma Inc. Products

Consult a physician or a pharmacist before taking any medication

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Cardiovascular Care

“You Best Friend in Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention”

" When less gives you more”

" When less gives you more”

“Prevent complications optimize your life with clovix” 

“Lower is better” 

“Lower is better"

“The trusted choice in preventing end organ damage” 

"The trusted choice in preventing end organ damage" 

"Double the power to reach your goal"

“Pro Savings, Pro Life, Provasc!

"Pro Savings, Pro Life, Provasc!"

“The affordable Cardio selective beta blocker!” 

“Reducing angina, improving outcome..”

[ Amlodipine Besilate 5mg + Losartan Pottasium 50mg ]

“Versatile cardio-renal protection at its B.E.S.T”

"Versatile cardio-renal protection at its B.E.S.T"

"The choice for heart failure and resistant hypertension"